ZENITH is designed to make you highly visible in environments where risks can also arise from high voltage as well as metal working. The HV orange colour is certified according to EN ISO 20471 and is required by many for its excellent visibility in snow. It is also a good option for many other businesses that want Flame Retardant, High-Visibility orange garments.

ZENITH is Non-Metal and provides protection against Electric Arc accidents and the design offers excellent functionality for the wearer. When used together with our welding accessories, the range also performs well for cutting and welding.

  • New softshell jacket and winter jacket with hood
  • High level of protection for Maintenance and Infrastructure where there is a risk of Electric Arc
  • High comfort with a soft feel on the inside
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  1. Non-Metal FR Boilersuit

    521284 - Zenith

  2. Non-Metal FR Trousers

    522284 - Zenith

  3. Non-Metal FR Trousers Windbreaker

    522384 - Zenith, Outerwear FR

  4. Non-Metal FR Ladies Trousers

    522784 - Ladies FR, Zenith

  5. Non-Metal FR Ladies Trousers Windbreaker

    522884 - Ladies FR, Zenith, Outerwear FR

  6. Non-Metal FR Jacket

    523184 - Zenith

  7. Flame Retardant softshell jacket

    523395 - Zenith, Outerwear FR

  8. FR Winter Jacket

    523682 - Zenith, Outerwear FR

  9. Non-Metal FR Ladies Jacket

    523884 - Ladies FR, Zenith

  10. FR Winter Jacket with hood

    523982 - Zenith, Outerwear FR

  11. Non-Metal FR Bib 'n' Brace

    524284 - Zenith

  12. Non-Metal FR Bib 'n' Brace

    524984 - Zenith

  13. Non-Metal FR Trousers

    525284 - Zenith

  14. Non-Metal FR Trousers Windbreaker

    525384 - Zenith, Outerwear FR

  15. Non-Metal FR Ladies Trousers

    525784 - Ladies FR, Zenith

  16. Non-Metal FR Ladies Trousers Windbreaker

    525884 - Ladies FR, Zenith, Outerwear FR

  17. Non-Metal FR Maternity Trouser


    529684 - New, Ladies FR, Zenith

  18. Radio pocket

    906284 - Zenith

  19. Armlet


    910584 - New, Zenith, Accessories FR

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