Kemi och Petrokemi



Work that involves chemicals/petrochemicals often requires protective clothing that is certified to EN 13034, EN 1149-5 and EN ISO 11612. It is also important to identify which chemicals the company uses, so that protective clothing can be chosen that is appropriate for the specific chemicals or group of chemicals that are in use.


  • Risk of explosion / ATEX-environment
  • Heat & Flame
  • Splashes of chemicals
  • Traffic accidents (limited)
  • Electric Arc (Industrial Electricians)


When working within the petrochemical industry, Tranemo recommends garments certified according to EN 13034, EN 1149-5 and EN ISO 11612. The Anti-Static properties of a garment minimise the risk of creating sparks (a source of ignition) which could cause an explosion. Most of the Tranemo FR fabrics are EN 13034 certified and have a treatment that protects against chemicals in spray form.

Garments that are suitable and have an approved design have the EN 13034 symbol in the CE-marking. It is important to choose the right fabric that passes the risk of the chemical group that is used within a business. These garments need to go through industrial laundry to reactivate and re-impregnate the EN 13034 finish.

In case of risk of an Electric Arc, you also need garments certified according to EN 61482-2. High Visibility EN ISO 20471 may also be of need if there is a risk from moving vehicles or where visibility of employess is important.