Get a comfortable and safe protection with our Inherent and Flame Retardant base layer for men and women. Flame Retardant base layer is a good first protective layer closest to the skin and a very important part of Tranemo Skinsafe™. Choose from two different qualities, Merino wool/viscose and modacrylic/cotton, depending on your risk and level of activity.

For work with higher intensity, we recommend Flame Retardant base layer in merino wool, Merino RX and Merino BX. Wool underwear are naturally Flame Retardant, dirt repellent and effectively absorb moisture to keep the body warm. In addition, the extra-fine merino wool provides high comfort and does not attract bad odour.
The Flame Retardant base layer with the unique blend of modacrylic and cotton is comfortable against the skin and provides you with long-lasting protection, wash after wash. Material with recycled cotton makes the garment a good environmentally friendly alternative.

We recommend that you start with a risk assessment so that you can choose the right Flame Retardant underwear for your needs.

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  1. FR T-shirt

    590092 - Underwear FR

  2. FR Boxer shorts

    591092 - Underwear FR

  3. FR Boxer Shorts

    591192 - New, Underwear FR

  4. FR Ladies Boxer Briefs

    591392 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  5. Flame Retardant Sports Bra

    591492 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  6. FR Bra

    591592 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  7. FR Tank top with sport bra

    591789 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  8. FR High Briefs

    591892 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  9. FR Briefs

    591992 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  10. FR Turtleneck short zip

    592092 - Underwear FR

  11. FR Long Johns

    593092 - Underwear FR

  12. FR T-shirt Long sleeves

    594092 - Underwear FR

  13. FR Fleece Jacket

    598089 - Underwear FR

  14. FR Long Johns

    599089 - Underwear FR

  15. FR Long Johns

    630290 - Underwear FR

  16. FR Turtleneck

    630990 - Underwear FR

  17. FR Boxer shorts

    631090 - Underwear FR

  18. Flame Retardant Ladies Long Johns

    631190 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  19. FR Long Johns

    631290 - Underwear FR

  20. Flame Retardant Ladies T-shirt Long sleeves

    631490 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  21. FR T-shirt Long sleeves

    631590 - Underwear FR

  22. FR Turtleneck

    631990 - Underwear FR

  23. FR Cardigan

    633090 - Underwear FR, Shirt & Sweaters FR

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