Achieving the highest levels of quality within Tranemo Textil is a responsibility for every employee and therefore forms a natural part of our daily work. This means that the philosophy and culture of "personal responsibility" is paramount for every individual within the business and as such they all take responsibility for the highest levels of quality within their business role.

Before a finished product is approved and can be sold, it has to pass the following tests:

  • Before manufacturing begins, we specify and approve all materials that will be used in the product.
  • All fabrics and reflective stripes / details are tested in our laboratory. Various properties are tested, depending on how the fabric will be used and what purpose it will serve. Key properties can include shrinkage, strength, colourfastness, pilling and combustibility.
  • Products and fabrics are only certified after extensive testing by certified external laboratories.
  • The quality control process also includes incoming inspection of finished garments.


In collaboration with major customers, Tranemo undertake extensive wearer trials to ensure that all necessary functions are featured on the garment and that it offers comfort and performance in the workplace. Comfort and ergonomic issues are reasons often cited for the inappropriate wearing of protective clothing, i.e. not wearing garments correctly or not wearing them at all.


Industrial laundering of FR garments is often recommended to ensure that they are clean and safe to wear. To achieve the best results, we also always recommend that a customer test washes the specific garment first in line with our washing instructions. Tranemo performs fabric tests after 50 industrial laundry washes according to EN ISO 15797 of: EN ISO 11612 A1 Surface Ignition, EN ISO 20471 High Visibility and EN 1149-3 Anti-Static. Since EN ISO 15797 is always performed on new, clean fabrics where no dirt is involved, Tranemo completes these with ’real’ wearer tests of workwear in combination with washing at our industrial laundry partners to get the most reliable results. After wearer test and laundry, we then check that the garments still maintain the highest performance. Tranemo also performs internal wash tests before each production to ensure that we maintain the highest performance on fabrics and reflective tapes.