Flame Retardant protective gloves with Electric Arc protection and Cut Resistance. The Eureka glove is a long-awaited solution for those who work in an Electric Arc risk environment and have missed a glove with mobility and feeling, combined with high protection.

With high level of cut protection they also protect the hands while working with sharp edges. The gloves have a level of breathability and oil repellent properties. The material in the gloves is based on selected para Aramids, Anti-Static yarns and advanced coating technology to provide protection from heat, flame and Electric Arc. The gloves has different certifications e.g. EN 407, EN 388, IEC 61482-1-2, ANSI CUT, ASTM F2675.

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  1. Gloves FR Contact

    RG0001 - Protective gloves

  2. Gloves FR ARC 16

    RG0004 - Protective gloves

  3. Gloves FR ARC 40

    RG0005 - Protective gloves

  4. Gloves FR ARC 4

    RG0006 - Protective gloves

  5. Gloves FR ARC 8

    RG0007 - Protective gloves

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