Tranemo has a vision of zero harm for serious work place accidents caused by flame or heat. Always wearing the right clothing is insurance for the user if an accident happens. This is why the fit, ergonomic design and comfort of protective clothing are so vitally important. Workwear that is uncomfortable or has a poor ergonomic design could mean that the wrong type of protective clothing is worn, or worse still, that no flame retardant clothing is worn at all. Instead of protecting, a garment that fits poorly could cause an accident, so it is vital that everyone can find a size that fits.


Tranemo always carries out wearer trials on newly developed products in partnership with customers, to ensure that garments have all the necessary features and work well in a real world environment. A close relationship and ongoing feedback from customers also ensures that we detect any problems or shortcomings at an early stage.


Tranemo has developed a wide range of protective clothing in women’s sizes, as a number of large companies are now striving to create more equal work places where everyone is entitled to comfortable, well-fitting protective clothing. To further meet women’s needs, we also offer maternity versions of most of Tranemo’s trousers (excluding trousers with hanging tool pockets).


The layering principle works very well when choosing clothing for all-year-round use – for personal protection and for weather protection. The air gaps between garments insulate you from the cold and provide increased protection against Electric Arc as air also has low electrical conductivity. The Tranemo range extends from underwear to shell and winter garments, to provide users with a light and comfortable clothing system that also offers effective protection.