SHELL FR is Tranemo’s Inherent Flame Retardant range for all-year weather, featuring shell jacket, shell trousers and a functional parka. All three garments have taped seams and are made of lightweight polyester free, wind and waterproof material according to EN 343.

The base of the fabric is viscose which is a natural fibre which together with the special weave, gives the garments a comfort and a smooth feel. Excellent breathability in the membrane lining also allows the wearer to comfortably use the garment all day and be able to work comfortably and safely even when extreme movement is needed.

  • Lightweight Polyester free Inherent Flame Retardant and taped shell garments
  • Wind and waterproof with very good breathability according to EN 343
  • Segmented heat sealed reflective stripes for increased comfort

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  1. Flame Retardant Winter boilersuit

    511194 - New, Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  2. Flame Retardant Parka

    511894 - Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  3. Flame Retardant Parka

    511994 - Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  4. Flame Retardant Shell Trousers

    513294 - Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  5. Flame Retardant Shell Jacket

    513594 - Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  6. Flame Retardant Shell Jacket

    513694 - Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  7. Flame Retardant Ladies Shell Jacket

    513794 - New, Ladies FR, Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  8. Flame Retardant Ladies Shell Jacket + Lining 9129

    513894 - New, Ladies FR, Shell FR, Outerwear FR

  9. Flame Retardant Ladies Fibrefur Lining

    912906 - New, Shell FR, Accessories FR

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