It is very important to be seen when you work in situations where there is vehicle traffic and a garment that is certified to EN ISO 20471 is recommended. The fluorescent fabric ensures that you are seen during the day, whilst reflective stripes ensure you are visible in poor light or when it is dark.


  • Traffic accidents
  • Visible at day and night


Today more and more companies need to use High Visibility clothing to make sure that their employees are safe at work. To meet the High Visibility standard EN ISO 20471, we ensure that our High Visibility collection meets the stringent standard requirements in both design and construction. If you are working near moving vehicles or mobile machinery (i.e forklifts) and you have a potential risk of impact from vehicles or machinery, then you need to wear appropriate High Visibility clothing. Since this is one of the most common workplace accidents, at Tranemo we include High Visibility detail in most of the outdoor garments that we design.


An Electric Arc accident comprises many varied risks that will affect the PPE clothing in different ways but with the right solution, we can help to minimise the impact of these risks. A Tranemo Skinsafe™ system where the outer layer reaches PPE 2 and has an Arc Rating (ATPV or EBT value according to NFPA 70E) above 8 cal/cm² is recommended.


The demands in the standard sets the rules for which design, functionality and fabric qualities should be used in a High Visibility collection. There are two High Visibility colours and you can find them in the Tranemo range. Yellow and Orange HV colours offer the user greater flexibility and make it possible for users to have designated HV colours in the workplace – for example, to differentiate between workers in different locations or areas. To achieve High Visibility certification, the garment needs a certain area of fluorescent fabric and reflective tape. The higher the area, the higher the High- Visibility class the garment will achieve, with Class 3 being the highest.

Visible at night