Reach new heights of comfort and freedom of movement with Vision HV! The High Visibility range has been developed to create maximum mobility for the user during physically demanding work.

The trousers are made of 4-way stretch and are extremely comfortable to wear. Vision HV garments are very durable, have a flexible design and perfect color reproduction. HTPA reinforcements in extra exposed places provide extra high wear and tear resistance. For increased functionality, the garments are equipped with many practical details. All Vision HV garments are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

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  1. Hi-Vis Stretch trousers

    432044 - Vision HV

  2. Hi-Vis Stretch trousers

    432144 - Vision HV

  3. Hi-Vis Maternity stretch trousers, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    432644 - Vision HV

  4. Hi-Vis Ladies stretch trousers

    432844 - Vision HV

  5. Hi-Vis Ladies stretch trousers

    432944 - Vision HV

  6. Hi-Vis Jacket

    433044 - Vision HV

  7. Hi-Vis Jacket + fleece lining 9028

    433544 - Vision HV

  8. Hi-Vis Ladies Jacket

    433944 - Vision HV

  9. Hi-Vis Craftsman stretch trousers

    435044 - Vision HV

  10. Hi-Vis Craftsman stretch trousers

    435144 - Vision HV

  11. Hi-Vis Ladies Craftsman stretch trousers

    435844 - Vision HV

  12. Hi-Vis Ladies Craftsman stretch trousers

    435944 - Vision HV

  13. Hi-Vis Stretch shorts

    438044 - New, Vision HV

  14. Hi-Vis Craftsman stretch shorts

    438244 - New, Vision HV

  15. Ladies Hi-Vis stretch shorts

    438844 - New, Vision HV

  16. Ladies Hi-Vis Craftsman stretch shorts

    438944 - New, Vision HV

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