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EN ISO 20471

EN ISO 20471
High Visibility clothing 

This standard specifies PPE Clothing used where the wearer needs to be visible at day and night and where there is a risk from moving vehicles or processes.

This standard has three different levels covering three different risks and the maximum level is class 3. The figure by the symbol indicates the area of fluorescent and reflective material within the garment. To certify and CE mark the garment with this symbol, it has to achieve one of these levels. The design of the garment is also a parameter in the CE marking of High Visibility garments. The American Standard for High-Visibility clothing is called ANSI/ISEA 107. EN ISO 20471 is an international standard also approved by the US. 

Material area in m²Class 1Class 2Class 3


If a garment doesn´t reach EN ISO 20471 class 3, it can be combined with other Tranemo High Visibility garments to reach the highest class of certification - a Class 3 system. For example a jacket that only reaches class 2 can be worn together with a class 1 or class 2 trousers / bib & brace to reach a Class 3 system. A number of Tranemo jackets and T-shirts are approved to different EN ISO 20471 classes for various sizes and they can also be combined to a Class 3 system for all sizes. If a garment is certified as a Class 3 system it is indicated in the product description of the garment. It is also indicated on the inside CE-label of the garment.

The table below shows the Tranemo combined certification for what class the system is approved for.
Tops must be worn over a bib & brace to meet the standard requirements for combined certifications.
Tops combined with shorts or 3/4 length trousers will not be able to achieve higher than EN ISO 20471 class 2.

Group A - Tops with reflective on sleeves
Class 3 system, classifications according to EN ISO 20471

Combined certification with
Tranemo trousers/bib’n’braces
class 1

Combined certification with
Tranemo trousers/bib’n’braces
class 2
Art.NoTopSizeClass topClass for certified systemClass for certified system
4334 26CardiganXXS-S233
4339 44Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
4839 44Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
4872 11T-shirtXS-M233
4875 11PoloshirtXS-M233
5030 89CardiganXS-S233
5037 88Jacket LadiesDam S-XL233
5039 89Cardigan LadiesDam S233
5070 89SweatshirtXXS233
5071 89T-shirtXXS-M233
5101 93Winter JacketXS233
5103 93Winter Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
5107 93Winter Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
5109 93Winter JacketXS233
5135 94Shell JacketXS-S233
5136 94Shell JacketXS-S233
5145 95Softshell JacketXS-S233
5149 95Softshell Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
5195 95Softshell JacketXS-S233
5233 95Softshell JacketXS-S233
5238 84Jacket LadiesDam XS233
5270 89SweatshirtXXS233
5339 84JacketXS->233
5834 81JacketXS->233
5838 81Jacket LadiesDam S->233
5839 81Jacket LadiesDam S-M233
5884 81JacketXS->233
Group B - Tops with reflective on sleeves
Class 2/3 system, classifications according to EN ISO 20471
5076 91ShirtXS->233
5079 91Shirt LadiesDam S->233
5271 89T-shirtXXS-M223
Group E - Tops without sleeves or short sleeves without reflective
Class 2/3 system, classifications according to EN ISO 20471
4860 44Craftsman vestXS->123
5165 95Softshell WaistcoatXS-L,XL->1,223
5169 95Softshell Waistcoat LadiesDam S-L,XL->1,223
5869 81BodywarmerXS->223
Group C - Tops with reflective on sleeves
Class 1/3 system, classifications according to EN ISO 20471
4371 11T-shirtXXS->113
5075 89SweatshirtXXS->113

EN ISO 20471

Railway Group High-Visibility Standard for UK

This UK High Visibility standard is based on the European standard EN ISO 20471. It requires that the area of fluorescent and reflective materials of the garments reaches at least EN ISO 20471 class 2. RIS-3297-TOM only approves specific orange High Visibility materials.

EN ISO 20471