In today’s labour market, more and more women are applying for jobs in work places that were previously male-dominated. Many large companies are also striving for more equality in the work place. To help drive this trend, Tranemo has chosen to take a big step in the development of flame retardant clothing for women. Everyone has the right to comfortable and well-fitting protective clothing, as this ensures it will be worn every day, including the day when it is needed most.


Protective clothing for women

To ensure effective protection it is important that protective clothing fits well. Poorly-fitting garments are uncomfortable to wear and increase the risk that the wrong type of garment is worn, or worse still, that no protective clothing is worn at all. Tranemo therefore offers a wide range of flame retardant garments for women.


Maternity trousers

In recent years Tranemo has made a major investment in the development of flame retardant clothing for women, focusing on their particular needs and working conditions. The result of this investment is the market’s widest and most carefully designed collection of flame retardant clothing for women that combines high performance and protection for each risk situation. Our maternity trousers are specially designed to fit all expectant mothers and have been developed into a unique solution that lets the customer choose from Tranemo’s full range of trousers (without hanging pockets). The use of elasticated knitted fabric and a buttoned waistband ensures that our maternity trousers fit comfortably throughout maternity. The knitted section is made from a flame retardant elastic material containing 20% recycled fibre and is designed to provide extra support for a growing waistline. A wide waistband at the back makes sure that the trousers fit well and provide good protection in demanding working situations.

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