Working on railways and in other rail-bound traffic is covered by strict safety regulations due to the hazardous working environment. Whether you are a rail technician or electrical installer, signal engineer or track welder, you must use the right personal protective equipment to suit the relevant risk analysis and safety instructions. It is important that you can be seen when working on rail tracks, and high visibility protective clothing can prevent accidents where there is a risk of passing vehicles. To achieve a high level of safety in the workplace it is important to wear flame retardant and arc certified protective clothing that provides high visibility in compliance with EN ISO 11612, EN 61482-2 and EN ISO 20471 (plus RIS 3279 TOM in the UK).


  • Traffic accidents with trains
  • Electric Arc
    • Molten Metal splashes
    • Radiant heat
    • Convective heat
    • Electric shock
    • Shock waves
    • High noise
    • Optical radiation
    • Toxic gas
  • Flame & Heat
  • Welding sparks (limited)


When working in the railway industry you need garments certified according to EN ISO 20471 / RIS-3279-TOM (GO/RT) to be visible. In addition, FR protection garments should be certified to EN ISO 11612 together with IEC 61482-2 / EN 61482-2 if there is a risk of an Electric Arc. An Electric Arc accident comprises many varied risks and will affect the PPE clothing in different ways, but with the right solution of clothing the impact of these risks will be minimised.


A Tranemo Skinsafe™ system with an outer layer that complies to PPE 2 and has an Arc Rating (ATPV or EBT value according to NFPA 70E) above 8 cal/cm² is recommended. All our Electric Arc garments have the Arc Rating value stated on the outside FR label to make it easy for you to choose the right protection. In addition, if you are working with welding you need EN ISO 11611 certified garments or accessories to complement your protection. In the UK you also need garments certified according to the national standard RIS-3279-TOM (GO/RT) defining the High-Visibility orange colour and the design on the Edge garments, according to this standard the garments must be at least EN ISO 20471 class 2.