Newly developed Tricot that uses environmentally friendly recycled cotton in the garment - thus reducing the amount of new cotton that needs to be grown. By using cotton we already have in circulation, we reduce the stress on nature’s resources. A certain amount of new cotton is still needed for the fabric to retain the strong characteristics needed from work clothing.

This enables a longer life cycle of the garment - which also in turn reduces environmental impact. Tranemo therefore uses a mix of recycled cotton with new cotton. The underwear range consists of two different main qualities, modacrylic/cotton and merino wool/viscose. The cotton underwear is very soft, comfortable and provides a good protective first layer. The Merino wool range is also soft and comfortable and has many good natural properties. It is dirt repellent, warms even if it has become damp, does not absorb bad odour and is naturally Flame Retardant. Using Tranemo underwear will always provide a comfortable and safe protection, from the skin out. The underwear is a very important part of the Tranemo Skinsafe™ programme.

  • Environmentally friendly recycled cotton
  • Inherent Flame Retardant underwear for all climates
  • Large size range to fit all
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  1. FR T-shirt

    590092 - Underwear FR

  2. FR Boxer shorts

    591092 - Underwear FR

  3. FR Boxer Shorts


    591192 - New, Underwear FR

  4. FR Ladies Boxer Briefs


    591392 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  5. FR Sports Bra

    591492 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  6. FR Bra

    591592 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  7. FR Tank top with sport bra

    591789 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  8. FR High Briefs


    591892 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  9. FR Briefs

    591992 - Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  10. FR Turtleneck short zip

    592092 - Underwear FR

  11. FR Long Johns

    593092 - Underwear FR

  12. FR T-shirt Long sleeves

    594092 - Underwear FR

  13. FR Fleece Jacket

    598089 - Underwear FR

  14. FR Long Johns

    599089 - Underwear FR

  15. FR Long Johns

    630290 - Underwear FR

  16. FR Turtleneck

    630990 - Underwear FR

  17. FR Boxer shorts

    631090 - Underwear FR

  18. Flame Retardant Ladies Long Johns


    631190 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  19. FR Long Johns

    631290 - Underwear FR

  20. Flame Retardant Ladies T-shirt Long sleeves


    631490 - New, Ladies FR, Underwear FR

  21. FR T-shirt Long sleeves

    631590 - Underwear FR

  22. FR Turtleneck

    631990 - Underwear FR

  23. FR Cardigan

    633090 - Underwear FR, Shirt & Sweaters FR

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