Protective helmet protects against accidents and protects against risks in the event of, falling objects, heat radiation, electric current, arc and splashes of molten metal.

Tranemo offers electrically insulating protective helmets with integrated visors and arc protection for those who work with energy. The safety helmets meet the requirements of EN 397: 2012 + A1: 2012 (-40 ° C - + 50 ° C), EN 50365: 2002 Class 0 and EN 166: 2001.

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  1. Electric Arc hood


    917995 - New, Switch, Accessories FR

  2. Safety Helmet Box Cl.1


    RX0001 - New, Accessories FR

  3. Safety Helmet ARC 24

    RX0004 - Accessories FR

  4. Electric Arc visor


    RX0018 - New, Switch, Accessories FR

  5. Electric Arc hood + visor + helmet


    SA0001 - New, Switch, Accessories FR

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