A new generation of welding garments with an unrivalled combination of durability and comfort. After 6 years of development, Tranemo launches a new generation of class 2 welding garments based on an unique blend of Inherent fibres. You will no longer have to wear garments that are too warm, too stiff or garments that do not withstand the sparks and spatter from welding.

The durability of the OUTBACK range is outstanding and the design makes them very breathable and with a comfortable fit. A longer life in the workplace makes Outback a good cost in use investment and the enhanced visibility adds that little bit of extra protection for the wearer. We think this is the first garment range for heavy welding that you will really want to wear.

  • Welding garments with extremely high durability
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Increased visibility
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  1. Welding boilersuit

    551286 - Outback HW

  2. Welding trousers

    552286 - Outback HW

  3. Welding jacket

    553586 - Outback HW

  4. Welding Bib 'n' Brace

    554086 - Outback HW

  5. Welding trousers with tool pockets

    555086 - Outback HW

  6. Chaps

    557219 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  7. Poncho

    557380 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  8. Apron

    557519 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  9. Apron with collar

    557619 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  10. Flame Retardant Sleeve Protection

    557719 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  11. Welding balaclava

    557819 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

  12. Welding cap

    914288 - Outback HW, Accessories FR

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