A welder who is constantly exposed to weld spatter needs durable protective clothing that does not trap weld spatter, either in the fabric itself, or in pockets. The heat and UV radiation that the welder is exposed to are also dangerous, and we recommend the use of a Tranemo Skinsafe system with a ventilated welding garment.


  • Welding sparks
  • Flame & Heat
  • Heat stress


When working with heavy welding you need garments certified according to EN ISO 11611 class 2 which is the highest level of protection in combination with EN ISO 11612. The design is very restricted in the EN standard to ensure that welding sparks do not stick to the garment or go inside an open pocket. The UV and heat radiation will challenge the PPE clothing and cause heat stress for the wearer. Tranemo has added covered ventilations to increase the users comfort and avoid heat stress on some ranges suitable for welding. To block radiant heat and increase protection, a Tranemo Skinsafe™ system of 2 or 3 layers is recommended.

Sparks from grinding and cutting can have a negative impact on the fabric. Tranemo always carry out an internal cutting test on our Flame Retardant fabrics in order to be able to recommend the best garment for grinding/cutting.

Type of welders’ clothing due to criteria relating to the process
Class 1Manual welding techniques with light formation of spatters and drops; Gas welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, Micro plasma welding, Brazing, Spot welding, MMA welding (with rutile-covered electrode)
Class 2Manual welding techniques with heavy formation of splatters and drops; MMA welding (with basic or cellulose-covered electrode), MAG welding (with CO2 or mixed gas), MIG welding (with high current), Self-shielded flux cored arc welding, Plasma cutting, Gouging, Oxygen cutting, Thermal spraying.
Type of welders’ clothing due to criteria relating to the environmental conditions
Class 1Operation of machines; Oxygen cutting machines, Plasma cutting machines, Resistance welding machines, Resistance for thermalspraying, Bench welding.
Class 2Operation of machines; In confined spaces, at overhead welding/cutting or in comparable constrained positions.