Recycled fibre

There are many factors to take into account when you assess the overall environmental impact of a garment. The latest research report from Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) shows that the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of clothing is to increase the useful life of garments. At Tranemo we have always aimed to produce protective clothing that has the longest possible life, through smart design, material selection and making garments that are optimized for industrial washing.


We also focus on a variety of environmental measures to reduce climate impact. These measures include using recycled fibres in our garments. Recycling cotton fibre has significant benefits in tackling issues that are specific to cotton cultivation - such as the release of toxins into soil and water which lead to over-fertilization and toxic effects. By using recycled cotton in our garments, we reduce the amount of new cotton that has to be grown. And by using cotton that is already in circulation, we reduce the strain on nature’s resources. A certain amount of new cotton is still needed to ensure that the fabric remains strong and its strength is not compromised. Tranemo therefore uses a mix of new and recycled cotton fibres.

Recycled fiber