Tranemo has a a 'whistle-blowing ' process that allows employees and other stakeholders to safely report serious irregularities and misconduct.


According to national legislation, the whistle-blowing process should only be used to report serious irregularities and misconduct relating to company management and other key persons.

Serious irregularities and misconduct can include the following examples:


  • Financial crimes such as bribery, corruption, fraud and falsification
  • Significant deficiencies in work place safety
  • Significant violations of environmental regulations and pollution of the environment
  • Serious forms of discrimination and harassment
  • Serious violations of the Code of Conduct


The whistleblowing process should only be used as described above. Other issues must be reported through the company’s normal communication channels.


Report serious suspicions:

Your report should be sent to Tranemo's elected representative. Your complaint will be handled confidentially, which means that a very limited number of people will be involved in handling your case. If you would like feedback, you must enter your email address. 



Tranemo will not take into account any of the following reports:


  • Reports that do not meet the criteria for Tranemo’s whistle-blowing process
  • Unclear reports that cannot be investigated
  • Reports about a business that is not financed by Tranemo
  • Reports that contain inappropriate or abusive language