APEX is a new addition to Tranemo’s Flame Retardant range that can solve some of the most difficult protection problems. The material is a 300 g/m² dope-dyed Aramid, which is lined with an additional layer of Flame Retardant fabric in the front. The level of protection is very high and the fabric not only passes EN13034 tests for acid and alkaline, but also for aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohol. The trousers that are available in both ladies and men’s sizes can be ordered with extra reinforcements to the front to protect against splashes. Of course, there are also increased visibility options in the collection.

APEX is a solution for many work situations where it has been difficult to cope with chemical splashes without wearing a chemical suit. In the absence of textiles where zinc runs off, APEX is also used when working with molten zinc, since the degradation temperature in the fabric is higher than the melting point of zinc. The zinc does not run off but does not burn holes in the garment either. The metal should be removed mechanically as quickly as possible after splashing to avoid the risk of getting burned.

  • Aramid with a high degradation temperature
  • Good repellency to splashes of many types of chemicals
  • Dope-dyed fabric that can handle many industrial washes
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  1. FR Trousers

    662083 - Apex

  2. FR Trousers

    662183 - Apex

  3. Flame Retardant Trousers

    662283 - New, Apex

  4. FR Trousers w. shoe protection

    662383 - Apex

  5. Flame Retardant Trousers

    662483 - New, Apex

  6. FR Jacket

    663083 - Apex

  7. Flame Retardant Craftsman Trousers

    665383 - New, Apex

  8. Flame Retardant Trousers

    665483 - New, Apex

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