Maternity trousers

In recent years, Tranemo has made a major investment in the development of Flame Retardant clothing for women, with focus on their needs and working conditions. The result of this investment is the market’s widest and most sophisticated Flame Retardant women’s range with high functionality and protection for every risk situation.

The maternity trousers, specially designed for expectant mothers, has been further developed into a unique solution where the customer can choose from all Tranemo’s trousers (without nail pockets). The maternity trousers are designed to accommodate a growing stomach thanks to the knitted fabric and adjustable buttonhole elastic at the top. The knitted part is made of a Flame Retardant elastic material with 20% recycled fibres and is designed to provide extra support for all stages of maternity. A wide elastic band in the back makes the trousers fit well and also provides optimal protection in demanding work situations.