Socially Responsible CSR

Tranemo’s employees are our most valuable resource and provide the foundation for the company to grow. As an employer we offer a good working environment and team spirit, equal conditions and opportunities for those who want to progress.

Tranemo also plays an active part in improving the working situations of people who work further along the supply chain. Our supplier agreements cover a wide scope and set requirements in areas such as the environment, ethics and working conditions. By working closely with our suppliers, we safeguard various aspects of our suppliers’ business and promote continuous improvement. We strive to build long-term partnerships with suppliers, which is an important aspect of our goal.


We set clear and specific requirements and targets for our suppliers in the following areas:


  • Working environment and safety
  • Working conditions and opportunities for financial growth
  • Providing the right conditions for paying fair wages
  • Equality and respect
  • Environmental awareness