Quality policy

We develop and supply advanced workwear in a sustainable way. Through a combination of expertise and innovation we create safer work places. The purpose of our quality efforts are to safeguard the development of the company through continuous improvement. We want to build a competitive company that continues to grow and shows sustainable profitability. Our quality policy forms the basis for quality management.



The main aim of Tranemo Textil is to meet our customer's requirements. Our goal is to be the best supplier of Workwear in each relevant country where we operate, with products and services which exceed customer's expectations and show significant advantages against other garments available in the marketplace. We work closely with our customers to create a positive and beneficial supply chain and in achieving this, our belief is that we will then go on to develop further business opportunities together in the future.


Tranemo Textil aims to have clear and concise control over all processes involved in the business through well-developed control procedures, which are guided by clearly defined and if possible measurable goals. All our aspects of the business are carried out with the highest levels of business ethics and a customer focused ethos - ensuring that our partnerships create mutually rewarding business opportunities for all.


Our processes and performance are continuously monitored and developed and our quality goals are regularly measured and reviewed. If we want to be more competitive in the market, we understand that we constantly need to develop our products and services. We achieve this with close co-operation and discussion with both Distributors and End Users alike.


Achieving the highest levels of quality within Tranemo Textil is a responsibility for every employee and therefore forms a natural part of our daily work. This means that the philosophy and culture of "personal responsibility" is paramount for every individual within the business and as such they all take responsibility for the highest levels of quality within their business role.