CE-ME contains High-Visibility clothing that suit users that have a requirement for High Visibility and work both indoors and outdoors.

For the cooler climate there are several functional garments with taped seams, made of lightweight and durable outer material that is wind and waterproof according to EN 343. Some combinations of functional garments are also certified for cold EN 342. In the range there are also two soft lightweight fleece/softshell jackets.

  • For those who need High-Visibility protection
  • Full range for all climates
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  1. Winter jacket, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    480146 - CE-ME Outerwear

  2. Shell jacket, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    480846 - CE-ME Outerwear

  3. Winter Boilersuit, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    481546 - CE-ME Outerwear

  4. Winter Parka, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    481846 - CE-ME Outerwear

  5. Shell Trousers, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    482646 - CE-ME Outerwear

  6. Fleece jacket, Color: 55 yellow

    483151 - CE-ME Outerwear

  7. Softshell jacket

    483248 - CE-ME Outerwear

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