Ethical Guidelines

At Tranemo we strive to maintain high ethical standards that are in line with our values. We have a clear ethical guideline policy based on our own requirements and the requirements our suppliers must meet.


We care about the people who make our products. We therefore require and check that our suppliers abide by Tranemo’s commitment to run an ethically sustainable business in relation to:


Forced Labour: All forms of forced labour are prohibited, including punishment or slave labour. ILO Convention No. 29 and 105.


Discrimination: We do not accept any type of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, social origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, nationality, age, sex and / or membership of a union or political affiliation. ILO Convention No. 100 and 111.


Child labour: We comply with internationally recognised agreements on human rights, working conditions and do not accept child labour. ILO Convention No. 138 and 182. Children's Convention, Article 32.


Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: We approve selected employee representatives and respect the rights of employees to organise and negotiate collectively in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they are employed. ILO Convention No. 87 and 98


Compensation and working hours: We guarantee that work is performed on the basis of an approved employment relationship determined in accordance with applicable laws and practices and international labor standards. ILO Convention No. 1, 26 and 131.


Health and Safety: Workers' safety must be prioritised in all situations. The working environment must comply with the requirements of occupational safety laws and regulations.


Business ethics: Good business ethics and compliance with current laws and regulations are the basis for good business practices. We work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.


Environment: We focus on continuous improvement and sustainable development. As a minimum requirement, our suppliers must always comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.