Craftsman Trousers

- Comfort Plus

Craftsman trousers with a wide fit, nail pockets and kneepad pockets in HTPA.

Front pockets and nail pockets. Belt loop with D-ring. Cargo pocket with flap and mobile phone pocket. Ruler pocket with tool pocket in HTPA and knife button with loop. Hammerloop. Adjustable HTPA kneepad pockets. Hip pockets.

30"- 50"R, 32"- 40"T, 34"- 48"S

Product information


210: HTPA , 100% polyamide, 210 g/m²
Reinforcement fabric with extra high durability.
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500: 65% polyester / 35% cotton, 300 g/m²
Cotton/polyester twill, with high comfort level and excellent washing characteristics. The cloth is durable, highly colour-fast and wrinkle resistant. Comfort finish gives a pleasant cotton feel. PFAS-free.
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