All the materials we use are of high quality

Our Fabric Quality Manager Anna Larsson ensures that all the materials we use in production are of high quality and meet our specific requirements.

What does your job as Fabric Quality Manager entail?

My work as Fabric Quality Manager covers a wide area. Among other things I am responsible for Tranemo’s laboratory and for making sure that textiles meet certain test criteria before they go into production. I am also responsible for new fabric development, which involves working with the product development department and our fabric suppliers to tailor and optimise the materials we use to match our requirements.

How do we ensure quality at Tranemo?

Tranemo has held ISO 9001 certification for many years. This means that we work proactively with processes and flows in all our departments to ensure high quality. We have a well-developed quality process that covers regular production and the development of new fabrics. Ensuring that each fabric is tested and approved before production is an important base point for our quality work. It leads to fewer complaints, as it can even eliminate some problems before we start production. We test and check textiles in Tranemo’s internal laboratory, with an emphasis on properties such as washability, shrinkage, colourfastness, tear strength and abrasion. We also carry out quality control tests on our inherent flame retardant fabrics for other important properties, such as flammability and the ability to repel water and chemicals. Products and fabrics are only certified after extensive testing by certified external laboratories.

What progress has been made in the quality sphere at Tranemo over the past year?

In spring 2021, we launched our new Cantex Weld Stretch (WS) collection, with a completely fluorocarbon-free formulation that meets chemical standard EN 13034 for acids and alkalis. Cantex WS also has improved fabric durability, garment flame retardancy and service life.

How important is Tranemo’s quality work for the world around us

Through textile innovation and development we can further improve the protective properties of our flame retardant clothing. This means greater safety and security for our users. We also recognise the importance of sustainability in every detail and are able to offer sustainable protective clothing that does not compromise on user safety.

How does this work benefit sustainable development in the short term and long term?

Continuous quality improvement is vital to maintain the high standard of the materials we use. By using durable and hard-wearing materials, we produce sustainable, long-lasting clothing that withstands frequent washing and hard use.

What is Tranemo’s future vision for quality?

We will continue to focus on the sustainability of the materials we use, from selection of the most suitable fibre to projects that focus on fabric recycling. At present, for example, there is a lack of research and studies on certain fibres that could be of interest for our future product development. Better access to fundamental information could give us better opportunities to create the most sustainable protection solutions and ensure the safety of users.