The Tera TX NON-METAL Flame Retardant range has been developed in collaboration with industries that require garments that are metal-free and Anti-Static. The non-metal range eliminates the risk of creating sparks in an ATEX environment and also removes the conductive risk associated with metal components.

In addition, they help prevent the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside of the garment in the event of an Electric Arc accident and there is no risk that any metal accessories can fall off the garment in sensitive environments. The range also features garments with High Visibility detail and reflective tape. Boilersuit 6019 81 is certified according to EN ISO 20471 Class 3 and features a knee length zipper to allow for easy access.

  • Specially designed for work in an explosive / ATEX environments
  • Metal free and Anti-Static
  • Lightweight, durable and Inherent Flame Retardant fabric
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  1. Flame Retardant Boilersuit

    601081 - Tera TX Non Metal

  2. Non-metal FR Boilersuit

    601181 - Tera TX Non Metal

  3. Flame Retardant Boilersuit

    601981 - Tera TX, Tera TX Non Metal

  4. Flame Retardant Trousers

    602081 - Tera TX Non Metal

  5. Non-metal FR Trousers

    602181 - Tera TX Non Metal

  6. Non-metal FR Ladies Trousers

    602881 - Ladies FR, Tera TX Non Metal

  7. Non-metal FR Ladies Trousers

    602981 - Ladies FR, Tera TX Non Metal

  8. Flame Retardant Jacket

    603081 - Tera TX Non Metal

  9. Flame Retardant Jacket

    603181 - Tera TX Non Metal

  10. Non-Metal FR softshell jacket

    603295 - Stretch FR, Tera TX Non Metal, Outerwear FR

  11. Flame Retardant Jacket

    603581 - Tera TX Non Metal

  12. Flame Retardant Bib 'n' Brace

    604081 - Tera TX Non Metal

  13. Flame Retardant Bib 'n' Brace

    604181 - Tera TX Non Metal

  14. Non-metal FR Trousers

    605081 - Tera TX Non Metal

  15. Non-metal FR Trousers

    605181 - Tera TX Non Metal

  16. Non-metal FR Ladies Trousers

    605881 - Ladies FR, Tera TX Non Metal

  17. Non-metal FR Ladies Trousers

    605981 - Ladies FR, Tera TX Non Metal

  18. Flame Retardant Softshell Waistcoat

    606295 - Stretch FR, Tera TX Non Metal, Outerwear FR

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