MAGMA is developed to withstand the splashes of molten iron, steel, aluminium and many other metals and alloys. The collection is developed for the demanding environment of a primary aluminium works and is certified with the highest protection against aluminium (D3) and iron (E3).

MAGMA has reinforcements on particularly vulnerable areas and has a high protection against radiant heat. The increased visibility provides protection against accidents in the industrial environment. All for a safer workplace.

To achieve the best washing result, contact Tranemo for special washing instructions.

  • Now available in ladies’ sizes
  • Inherent Flame Retardant wool based fabric for work with molten metals
  • Highest protection against molten Aluminium and Iron
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  1. FR Trousers

    562587 - Magma

  2. FR Trousers

    562687 - Magma

  3. FR Ladies Trousers

    562887 - Ladies FR, Magma

  4. FR Ladies Trousers

    562987 - Ladies FR, Magma

  5. FR Coat

    563287 - Magma

  6. FR Jacket


    563587 - New, Magma

  7. FR Ladies Jacket

    563987 - Ladies FR, Magma

  8. FR Shirt

    567487 - Magma, Shirt & Sweaters FR

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