Tranemo takes active measures to prevent and reduce negative environmental impact. It is important to us that our environmental efforts are naturally integrated in our business. Our environmental policy and our environmental goals form the basis for all our environmental efforts.

  • Our environmental work should be guided by measurable goals (if possible). These goals are constantly monitored and revised in order to improve our activities and create an environmental, economic and technical sustainability within our business. 
  • Environmental impact awareness should be a natural phenomenon in all processes from idea to action.
  • Wherever possible, we try to choose alternatives that minimise impact on people and the environment.
  • We are continuously updated with environmental protection laws and regulations and these become the minimal level for our environmental work.
  • Informing our suppliers about our environmental requirements and ensure that relevant elements are observed. Choosing suppliers who pursue active environmental work.
  • Informing, providing further education and involving personnel in environmental issues and encouraging them to take an active part in the environmental work.
  • We comply with our Code of Conduct.