Cantex 2.0 fabric provides an unique protection against Electric Arc accidents with an Arc Rating of 15 cal/cm² (PPE 2 / over 8 cal/cm²). You will be more visible than ever with CANTEX HI-VIS, since the new fabric is certified according to EN ISO 20471.

In addition, the new fabric is softer and even more comfortable to wear. The collection is designed for people who need High-Visibility clothing and are working with maintenance or in electric and power industries where you might be exposed to Electric Arc or in industries where static electricity should be avoided.

  • Ideal for working in Infrastructure, Maintenance, Electricity or Power industries
  • High protection against Electric Arc with a high Arc Rating
  • Comfortable with good moisture absorption and breathability
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  1. FR Winter Jacket

    500093 - Cantex Hi-Vis, Outerwear FR

  2. FR Trousers

    502188 - Cantex Hi-Vis

  3. FR Trousers, Color: 94 yellow/navy

    505188 - Cantex Hi-Vis

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